Career/Job Search!

Finding a career or changing one is very stressful. There are several thousands of articles available to assist potential job seekers in their career search. Compiling the process into one article may not be a possibility, a few pointers are listed, more may be addressed in a series of articles that may follow.

Articles are contributed by professionals in the field with decades of experience. Nonetheless, these are merely recommendations and are requested to be taken as such!

While the process of finding a career may be similar, different stages of one’s career search may require different strategies, whether it is a search for the first Job, Mid-Career change or Search for an executive level job!

Irrespective of one’s career level, following are recommended to consider when thinking of a career change.

  • Skills assessment and analysis
  • Identification of field of interest (Accounting, Sales, IT, Administration etc)
  • Identification of gaps (no accounting degree for an accounting job). Either fill the gap by acquiring skills or supplement with relevant alternative (5 years of experience instead of a degree)
  • Create a robust profile encompassing all skills acquired whether thru job, school or a hobby.
  • Network, network, network. Social media, LinkedIn, Job fairs, friends, relatives, even strangers.
  • Create resume based on the job description, highlighting specific skills required for the job.
  • Target companies, however, avoid sending resumes until a specific company and a person has been identified.
  • Follow up. Do not worry about the cliché statement “follow up gives impression of desperation”. Remember the other person is a human and may be overwhelmed, follow up may trigger positive outcome.



KaamNow is a hybrid of a traditional job board and a staffing agency. We invest time and effort in every company and every candidate we work with. Whether it is a company looking at adding workforce or a job seeker looking for a career, proper care and personalized service is provided to find the right fit. We are matchmakers and our goal is to provide quality over quantity and make the experience seamless.


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