Friend 1: Why didn’t you apply for the job? What are you waiting for, wasting time?

Friend 2: I already told you that there is nothing in here for me I want to go to USA or Canada, I will have a better future there.

Does this sound familiar? If not with every family, this dialogue has become a part of everyday dining table conversation of most of the families in Pakistan.

Parents raise their kids with the hopes that one day they will make a good future for themselves and support them and be there for them physically but people today have only one dream in their eyes “Green card.”

I am not saying that getting a job in Pakistan is very easy. It definitely has its challenges, for example:

·      Resumes are not made and filtered properly

·      Poor interviewing skills

·      Employers priority of hiring doesn’t match the standards

·      Very high expectations from Employees side, etc.

But does that mean getting a job in a foreign country is easy, not at all. Gone are the days when it was a doable task, now it is more difficult than one can imagine.

My point is not to discourage people from applying to foreign jobs. What I want to emphasize on is until you do not get a job outside of Pakistan you must try to have one in your own country. You must not waste your precious years waiting for that one golden chance.

The idea of starting a recruiting company in Pakistan comes from the same thought 3 years ago. We live and breathe that every day. Our parent company Aral resources Inc. has been at both sides of the picture with more than 20 years of work experience inside and outside the country. That is why we decided to build a company kaamNow that will spend its full time and resources on candidates and employers in Pakistan to provide them personalized services.

Our focus areas:

·      Exclusive sourcing

·      Personalized work on resumes

·      Exclusive candidate filtering

·      Job seeker and employer training

·      Becoming a bridge between employer and employee

We hope to be a part of providing a better future to the people of Pakistan within their own means and resources.

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