How to get more out of a Staffing Agency?

Searching for jobs and candidates has become a lot easier these days. Job seekers are not burning fuel just to drop their resumes at the door step of companies. Employers are not taking the pain of advertising and interviewing tens of candidates just to find the right one. Digital age is a blessing for both job seekers and employers. Everything is online.

Staffing agencies play an important role in hiring people. Nowadays as the number of jobs are growing the role of staffing agencies has become more critical. People are relying on agencies more than their own guts.

Choosing a wrong staffing agency can turn the blessing into curse. Here are some points from the perspective of both job seeker and employer.

What is important as a job seeker while considering a Staffing agency?

Whether you have 12 years of experience or you are just a newbie if you are thinking for obtaining a new opportunity, by now you must have browsed several staffing agencies and bookmarked some. Here are some points you want to keep in mind while choosing.

·      What is the sourcing and placement process of recruiters in this agency?

·      Are they focusing on current jobs and removing old ones from their board or a 4 year old job post still shows availability?

·      How are you treated during your first contact?

·      Scan the email addresses. Does the recruiter and company have its own email address or they are Gmail/outlook/yahoo buddies?

·      How are they running their website? Are they focusing on services or advertisements?

·      Are they offering any other services that can help you improving your career or current position at work?

·      Are they providing any help in career planning and coaching?

·      Are they screening your resume properly and giving advice accordingly.

What traits should an employer look for while hiring a Staffing Agency?

Client has a completely different perspective than that of candidate. A client may want to know;

·      The Reputation of the company and how it can work for them.

·      How do they make placements? Do they align with the needs and demands?

·      What kind of services they are offering? Any interviewing and business boosting training?

·      Exploring their website can unfold many layers.

·      How is their recruiter different than the normal online “post and pray” LinkedIn recruiter?

·      Are they helping in creating a right job description to short list the targeted candidates?

Staffing agencies, Recruiters, HR Department, Talent Architects and what not. The list goes on, but at the end of the day they all are working on facilitating job seekers and employers. It is their duty to put forward what is best for their clients.

Me and my company is trying to educate our clients so that they can decide for themselves, they can choose the services they need and they can eventually get more out of a staffing agency.


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