To use or not to use! “Objective Statement” or “Career Summary” on top of Resumes!

Does it serve any purpose, add any value?

I review several resumes every day with a common theme; Resumes beginning with an “objective” with more or less the same statement. e.g. “to enhance my skills and …..” Internet is filled with so-called “killer objective statements” that individuals use as an opening statement for their resumes, copied and carried forward.

This is the first statement a recruiter or a hiring manager reads on a resume making it a very powerful and important first impression. Wouldn’t one want it to be a great first impression? So why is it that people use canned statement? Perhaps a rhetorical question.

Perhaps understanding the purpose of an objective may yield better results for individuals utilizing the statement. An objective on a resume can serve a very important purpose if utilized effectively. It can be used to explain interest in consideration for a job that perhaps is not directly related to the experience. Or it could be explain a change in direction in career, or following a passion for a certain field not experienced before. It could be after completion of education, pursuing a different route. Or, simply connecting the dots of two different job functions by aligning the mutually required skills.  Opening statement sets the stage.

An alternative to “Objective” can be a “career summary” which is very different. An “objective” is a desire to acquire something in the future and a “career summary” is an acquisition in the past. One could utilize “career summary” on top of their resume as a catalogue of the skills and achievements in a short concise statement that establishes them with the reviewer. Perhaps including acquired skills that are required for the position may have a bigger impact. Not to mention, resume crawlers and keyword bots would love the resume.

An “Objective statement” is unique for every employer whereas one can utilize same “career summary” although not recommended.

Whether one chooses to use “objective” or a “career summary” on the resume, careful consideration needs to be given each time before sending it to a potential employer. Unfortunately, same “objective statement” is used too often.




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