Where Are We Going?

Forgive my rant if it offends any one.

LinkedIn is a professional network. YES indeed it is!!! But does it sound nice to give hateful comments on the post if it is not professional enough according to an individual.

Commenting on beards, hijabs, and short sleeves has become so easy when one is hiding behind a computer screen.

“Go k.. yourself” is one of the common comment we see nowadays if the post does not fulfill the criteria of professionalism according to a specific group of people or an individual.

Where are we going? What have we become? Are we the epitome of perfection, angels without halo and wings?

Our Prophets are perfect yet they never said anything to hurt anyone and we cannot even touch their dust but Oh!!! Because we are in 21st century and we have a laptop, access to social media so it gives us complete right to judge people, to pass hateful comments and to tell them how wrong they are.


It is time to put a stop to this sad and bitter trend by controlling emotions when we really want to tear a person apart in a keyboard fight. We may want to remind ourselves the mistakes we made in life and they were concealed by Allah, our parents, friends, teachers, etc.

“Show respect to people, even if you think they do not deserve it. Not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of your.” Dave Willis


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